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Spyke Starters:

Spyke Starters

Get superior cranking torque compared to stock starters. Available for Big Twins, Sportsters and Early Models. No need to buy a high-amp battery for the 1.4kw starter since modern technology is used and a small amp draw is required. Stealth Starters strut with a shell for style! Concealed bolts and minimal lines give way to a smooth sleek design like no other, while sporting dependable gears and gear ratios.

Battery Cables and Charging Systems:

Spyke Charging Systems and Batteries

Spyke charging systems feature a forged steel rotor with a thicker spline for maximum engagement on even the biggest of motors. The magnets are encapsulated in a protective barrier to resist vibration-related breakage and prevent costly damage. Our SuperFlex Battery Cables are highly resistant to oil, water, acids, alkaline, ozone & grease. Shiny black with 24k gold connectors. Comes with positive, negative and engine ground (if used).

Fuel Accessories:

Spyke Fuel Accessories

Spyke's unique petcocks feature a swivel outlet that allows for universal positioning so one part number fits all OEM applications.